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Alarming increase in confirmed cases

The Minister of Public Health, Social Development and Labor, Omar Ottley hereby informs the public that we have been seeing a steady rise in the number of confirmed cases.

A total of 44 confirmed cases has been recorded over the past three days. The total active cases has now increased to 63 persons. Minister Ottley stated; “it is time for a tough decision to be made, to ensure the safety of our population”.

CPS has conducted extensive contact tracing and as a result, 4 clusters has been reported. An urgent meeting will be held between the Minister, CPS and the Public health department tomorrow, to decide on the way moving forward.

If you are experiencing signs and symptoms, notify your GP or call CPS at 914. In efforts to prevent the spread of the virus, stay at home and decline all visitors. Self-quarantine and isolation are interventions meant to help protect the community by preventing exposure.