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CDFHA Section Women’s Desk: Salute to Mother’s. Three mothers celebrated at Transitional Shelter

The Department of Community Development, Family & Humanitarian Affairs, section Women’s Desk would like to salute mothers on Mother’s Day.

In any given society mothers play a very significant role in the life of their children from conception onwards. She is involved with molding, shaping, and educating the citizens of the community.

Carrying out this herculean task of mothering doesn’t come without its many challenges. There are those mothers who mother with the support of their partners, family members and the community as a whole.

On the flip side there are those mothers who are challenged in so many different ways and mother on their own without the support of a partner.

Mothers don’t always get it right 100% of the time but they try with the little that they have to love and care for their children. We salute you mother.

In saluting mothers on Mother’s Day, Women’s Desk thought of celebrating three mothers at the Transitional Shelter by bringing some cheer to these ladies by pampering them for a few hours.

They were treated to breakfast, manicure and pedicure and provided with much-needed grocery boxes.

In making this a reality Women’s Desk could not have done it without the help of community-minded citizens who were willing to contribute to bringing a smile to these three mothers and for this we are truly grateful.

We express our sincerest gratitude to Marylina Boston of MIO Cosmetics, the Tzu Chi Foundation St. Maarten, Staff of the T-Shelter, Social Services & Women’s Desk.

Happy Mother’s Day