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CPS advises the public to wear a mask when visiting health care establishments. COVID-19 is still with us

To minimize the risk of transmitting respiratory diseases, including COVID-19, the Collective Prevention Service (CPS) is advising members of the community to be mindful when accessing health care services such as doctors’ offices, pharmacies, laboratories and hospitals.

Mask-wearing is one of the strategies that limits the spread of respiratory diseases.

This advice is mainly for persons who are sick or are visiting one of the aforementioned for medical care. One must not become complacent as Sint Maarten is in the height of cold and flu season.

Persons who are immunocompromised and those that suffer from respiratory ailments, should wear a mask to protect themselves when they visit a health care facility.

Be mindful that health care providers and clients should also wear a mask to protect themselves and others.

CPS advises to continue with handwashing for at least two minutes or use hand sanitizer that has at least 60 per cent alcohol.

It is important to continue to maintain social distancing, practice proper cough and sneeze etiquette. Persons with flu-like symptoms should remain at home until symptoms have subsided. If further care is needed, consult your doctor.

CPS wishes the community a happy and safe transition into the New Year 2023.