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Contractors of Government projects requested to draft letter for the purchase of materials

Ministry of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transport and Telecommunications (Ministry TEATT), calls on all contractors working on any Government department and/or semi-government entity/agency (including NRBP, SMHDF, Airport, Harbor, SMMC, etc.), emergency services, utility and/or Telecommunication Services projects, that may need to purchase materials by main hardware stores, are required to write a letter to the hardware supplier(s) that they are working on a Government project.

The name of the project should be clearly stated. This letter must be stamped and signed by the relevant Government department, entity or agency.

With the letter in hand, the hardware store will have enough proof that the contractor is allowed to purchase materials.

Ministry TEATT reminds contractors that Hardware stores will only be open for a limited period of time during the day, and therefore it is imperative that they ensure that they have the necessary proof to acquire their materials in a timely manner in order to continue to carry out the project in question.