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After the passing of hurricane Irma all day care centers suffered damage, some more extensive than the other ones and were left without power and potable water.

In accordance with the law, day centers must be able to operate in a safe and healthy manner. Power, being form the grid or through a generator, drinking water, proper ventilation and suitable and safe playground are some of the requirements.

An inspection team consisting of inspectors from the Ministry VSA, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of VROMI have conducted inspections on health, safety, infrastructural and educational aspects. Hazards related to these aspects shouldn’t be present.

Based on these inspections up till today only the following day care centers have been permitted to resume services:

1. Alexander's Early Stimulation & Development Center - Betty's Estate # 8

2. Busy Body - Fr. PA Barbanson # 8 – Simpsonbay

3. Brighter Child - Zagersgut lane # 4 - Cul de Sac

4. Care Bears - Tiger Rd # 10 – Cayhill

5. Children's World - Hibiscus road # 1 – Saunders

6. Ebenezer Learning Center - Ebenezer road # 92 - Ebenezer

7. Little Explorers - Wesley street # 7 - Cole bay

8. Lucia's Baby Center Foundation - Defiance road # 6 – Defiance

9. Rainbow Bright - L. B. Scott road # 168 - South Reward

10. Tiny Tots - Maho tree drive - Orange grove

11. Lucia's Learning Center - Defiance road # 3 - Defiance.

12. Ms. Ingrid Home Care - Watling Rd. 11D , Madame Estate

13. Educare Learning Center - Pinel Key Dr. 36 - Defiance

As soon as other day care centers are able to resume services this will be announced.

The Inspector General

Ministry VSA.