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Occupational Safety and Health standards aim to assist workers and their representatives to assess health and safety hazards and their risks in the workplace, adopt and use of appropriate practices, means, methods, operations or processes, and working conditions to ensure healthy and safe employment.

Risk assessment in the workplace and how to respond appropriately

§ Identify and minimize self-exposure to health hazards

§ Identify who might be more prone to exposure and how

§ Evaluate the risk and direct the issue to the right source

§ Record who is responsible for the implementation to correct the risk factors

§ Monitor and review the findings and stay well informed.

The Inspectorate of Public Health, Social Affairs and Labor, IVSA, is creating awareness amongst the employers and employees on health hazards in the workplace by means of campaigns, public service announcements, government bulletins boards, info sessions for the unions and distributing leaflets to visited businesses.

The national Safety ordinance (SO, AB 2013 GT no 438) and accompanying Safety Decrees contain provisions for working healthy and safe . The Labor division of IVSA supervises amongst others the regulations with regards to the prevention of accidents; assistance in the event of accidents; prevention of poisoning, contamination or occupational diseases. .

Also, the reporting obligation by an employer in the case of an accident is another area that employees should be aware of. Please be informed that all occupational accidents must be reported immediately to the Inspectorate. An occupational accident or work-related accident is any accident involving an employee during the execution of her/his work, where the employee dies, or attains permanent injury and/or requires professional medical investigations and treatment. An accident can also occur where no personal injury is experienced due to coincidental circumstances.

Hygiene in the workplace is necessary in the prevention of disease. Toilets and urinals must properly be cleaned and disinfected at least once per day. Employees must be given the proper gear for the removal of harmful or irritating vapors or gasses or dust. Workplaces must be well ventilated and protected against influences of weather. Mold in the workplace should be reported immediately to the floor supervisor / manager.

Areas of concern that may cause mold are a combination of moist areas caused by leakages or damp, temperature differences and organic material. Mold should best be remediated by a mold remediation company or an expert to help get things under control, including leaks that may have

caused the issue in the first place. It must be noted that mold in the home solely used for dwelling is not a concern of IVSA unless it’s utilized as a workplace. The national Safety ordinance does not equate a house with a company.

The business must have sufficient daylight and efficient artificial lightning. Staircases must have proper lightning at all times and at night alleys as well.

For any specific question or concern not addressed in this document, as filing of complaints, dangerous work, personal protective equipment and other required services you may contact the IVSA by sending an e-mail to . Your complaint will be dealt with and your identity will remain anonymous.

For reporting of occupational accidents or dangerous working environments call 5247247.