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Keeping safe during Upcoming events

In the coming days, several large concerts will be held on the island and during these events the police will be present. Police will be present at these events in order to ensure general security.

Remaining safe during these events goes well beyond common sense. Amid the excitement of a live performance, the thrill of being with friends and consuming substances, it’s easy to forget that these events like any other busy event can be a risky environment.
• There are several precautions people can take to remain safe and enjoy the performance. Always remember the point of going to a music concert is losing yourself in the music. Yet you should always be aware of what's going on around you.
• An understanding of the space around you sometimes requires for making a plan in advance if something happens.
• Find an exit route close to the area you are in.
• Don’t hesitate to leave if something seems unsafe.

Despite the fact that many concert goers sometimes dislike security and safety procedures, they are actually deployed for a reason. Their main purpose is to ensure the safety of all and also to make sure nothing goes wrong during any visit to the concert site. In case of any emergency please call 911.