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Meeting held with stakeholders at the police station in philipsburg

A meeting was held on Tuesday afternoon November 23, 2022 between the Sint Maarten Police Force and members of the Indian Merchants Association (IMA), Philipsburg Promotional Board (PPB) Downtown TAXI Association, G.E.B.E, Tour busses association, V.R.O.M.I, Dutch Sxm United Bus Drivers Association and the Harbor cab association.

At this meeting the calendar of activities, events and work that will take place during this holiday season was discussed.    

The following items were discussed during the meeting held at the Philipsburg Police Station:
- Traffic circulation during this busy peak season.
- The various bottlenecks that stakeholders may face during this period and how they can be remedied.

All stakeholders present went over the details for the upcoming season to ensure that they are all on the same page regarding regulations and safety procedures for Philipsburg.

To maximize a secure end-of-the-year period, all these stakeholders will converge together an much as needed.