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Minister Ottley meets with SZV and PAS, confirms no interruption of services to insured cardholders

On Tuesday April 27 2021, the Minister of Public Health, Social Development and Labor (VSA), Omar Ottley accompanied by his Legal Advisor Lyndon Lewis and Chef de Cabinet Farrah Busby- Richardson, met with Franklin Chang Sing Pang, president of PAS pharmacy association of Sint Maarten, Natasha Carty of the Druggist, Mr. Glen A. Carty, CEO SZV, Elton Felisie CFO SZV and Reginald Willemsberg, COO SZV. The meeting was held to brief the Minister on the current situation and to discuss the issues affecting the relationship between SZV and PAS.

On Monday April 26th 2021, the pharmacies were fully paid for the month of January and agreed to resume to normal operations. Payment for February is expected to be distributed on Friday May 7th 2021. It was agreed that

insured persons will continue to be covered without interruptions.

Moving forward, payments to the pharmacies will be made between the 25th -27th of each month. The Minister came to a solution as to when the pharmacies will submit their declarations. If an issue arises concerning payments, the pharmacies will be informed ahead of time.

The president of PAS Sint Maarten, Franklin Chang Sing Pang agreed that the LOI (Letter of Intent) will be completed in the coming weeks. Minister Ottley’s ultimate goal is to find a structural solution, to the present issues and avoid the recurring disputes, he also requested that time frames be implemented until the LOI is completed.

Minister Ottley expressed to the president of PAS pharmacy association, Franklin Chang Sing Pang, that he would rather meet under different circumstances; considering his newly appointed position, however he understands the continuity of Government and was pleased that all parties came to an amicable solution