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Minister Ottley: noticeable increase in severe influenza viral infection

​The Minister of Public Health, Social Development and Labor (VSA), Omar Ottley advises the general public to be cautious of influenza viral infection.

What is the “flu” / “common cold” ?
Influenza Viral infection.
Contagious respiratory borne illness by the viral family of Influenza A; onset is sudden and acute.
Incubation time is around 1-2 Days (contagious period also), with a symptomatic duration of 4-7 days* (if not medicated symptoms may last longer).

How to know if you are catching the flu ?
The following symptoms include: fever, headaches, fatigue, sore throat, dry or productive cough, muscle and body aches.

Hydration + Antiviral medication (Tamiflu or Zithromax or other antibiotics ) + Symptomatic relief medication (Beconase nose spray for congestion, acetylcysteine mucolytics and paracetamol for fever or sore throat).

Home treatment: Hydration + Honey/Ginger/Lemon tea + sleep.
Action plan : Go to your G.P – the faster you seek medical attention the less time you are sick.

“Your health is our priority and acting immediately can be the difference between a mild and severe flu. I am urging anyone experiencing severe flu symptoms to contact your G.P immediately.” Said Minister Ottley.​​