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Ministry ECYS - Virtual Meet & Greet Guidance Counselors

I would like to take this opportunity to ask you when was the last time you took a moment to think about the word EDUCATION. What does it mean for you? Have you completed your education in the way you wanted?

Students leave Sint Maarten every year to go abroad to further their education.

Are these students returning to Sint Maarten after completing their studies?

This question of students returning home was a topic of discussion last week when the countries of Aruba, Curacao, the Netherlands and Sint Maarten had their consultative meeting.

Other topics like the challenges students face during their studies, was on the agenda and part of the discussions.

Sint Maarten’s students in the Netherlands who are recipients of study financing are guided during their first and second year of studies by a group of well qualified persons. These guidance counselors are responsible for monitoring and checking on our students.

On Sunday 17 January 2021 from 2 pm to 4 pm a virtual meeting will take place between these persons and Sint Maarten, and can be viewed via the Government of Sint Maarten’s Facebook Page:

The guidance Counselors and the work they do together with the division of study finance will be some of the discussion points of the virtual meeting. The link will be made available during the week so that all who wants to take part or listen to the meeting can do so.

I would certainly like to congratulate the University of Sint Maarten for being awarded the seat of a research chair that will be shared with The University of Aruba and the University of Curacao. This is a great thing for Sint Maarten and the Ministry of Education is ready to support USM in making this a successful experience for all who would be involve.