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Ministry of Justice launches Facebook Page as part of Openness in Governance & Community Engagement

The Ministry of Justice has now connected with social media and set-up its own Facebook Page (FB). News, information, and any law enforcement alerts related to the Ministry of Justice and its relevant departments will be posted and featured on the Facebook Page.

“By launching our Facebook Page, we are aiming to improve internal as well as external communications.  We fully understand the benefits of having a social media account.  It is all about communicating with the internet community. 

“The Facebook Page is an avenue for direct communication between police, and other law enforcement agencies and their community.  Some agencies within the Ministry already have FB Pages.  

“Some might say we are late in joining the bandwagon, but we are the umbrella organization that seeks to engage the community and build a relationship with civil society from a different perspective.  Every entity within the Ministry of Justice has a specific role to play and we are now joining the FB club to add to the process of openness in governance.

“This social media forum will allow people in the community and the Ministry to ask questions and to share information and ideas.  It’s about spreading knowledge quickly and community engagement with their ministry,” Minister of Justice, Cornelius De Weever explained.

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms in the world. Having a ministry page will also help the ministry to gain exposure in the community. 

Facebook has become an increasingly important way of obtaining information not only about friends and family but also about institutions. Facebook's more than one billion users make it a cultural, economic and social phenomenon. 

Please visit and share the FB page Ministry of Justice for all justice related information on Facebook. The Ministry is Working for You.