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Professional baseball coach from the Dominica Republic, Jose Manuel Gomez pays a courtesy visit to members of the Council of Ministers. Members of the Council of Minister were instrumental in the coach’s visit to St. Maarten. The coach also brought along, St. Maartener Daniel Beauperthuy, a former student of the St. Dominic High School. Currently, Daniel is among the young baseball players enrolled in Carlos Paulino Academy baseball training institute in the Dominican Republic. 
Coach Gomez held a showcase with Daniel and carried out try-outs on the island in order to recruit young potential players for the Carlos Paulino Academy professional baseball training institute in the Dominican Republic. Carlos Paulino Academy is a baseball training academy with the objective of training and developing young talent with the purpose of bringing them up to baseball professionalism.
He has identified 4 talented baseball players from the local team, Justice Team. After being identified, the intention is for the youngster to prepare for professional baseball recruitment in the Major League Baseball and other presentations with scouts. The trainees also share their time attending school in the Dominican Republic alongside their preparation. 
“There is no denying the importance of sports to any country. Furthermore, when our youth have a talent, we should make sure that we as the government provide the opportunities to foster that talent. Also, I particularly commend the institution as education is also a part of their formal training.” said acting Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports Ardwell Irion. 
“In addition, I extend congratulations to the 4 baseball players whom have been identified, their parents and their coaches.” Acting Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports, Ardwell Irion stated.