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Price of Gas, Diesel to drop on Wednesday

The acting Minister of TEATT, Omar Ottley hereby informs the general public that the prices of gas and diesel will drop effective 6 am on Wednesday August 31, 2022.

Minister Ottley further informs that the price build up was adjusted to include an additional NAf 3 cents for freight costs due to global developments. This decision was taken based on a request by the main wholesaler since 2021. The delay in approving the request resulted in significant losses for the main wholesaler, which ultimately affected the consumer. Therefore, a further delay in approving the request was not desirable and as such a decision was taken to increase the freight costs by the requested NAf 3 cents.

The (consumer) prices of fuel and diesel are now at NAf 2.501 and NAf 2.563 respectively, representing drops of NAf 6 cents for gasoline and NAf 31 cents for diesel.

The Ministry also reminds the public that although we have noticed a downward trend lately, prices, in particular the price of diesel remains highly volatile and we have not yet attained a level of normalcy. Like many others, the price of fuel is influenced by a plethora of factors outside of our control and that as a non-oil producing country, we will feel the brunt of these external factors. Therefore, we strongly advise persons to

be aware of such and to continue to adjust their driving habits accordingly.