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Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs wishes all nurses a Happy International Nurses Day

This week we celebrate National Nurses Week and today, May 12, we celebrate International Nurses Day. On this day and during the week, we recognize the people of this selfless profession. Each and every day these persons save lives. Since the onset of COVID-19, we recognize that they put themselves on the front line, day after day, all over the world. They have shown resilience in a time of need to set up and keep their community safe. Sometimes, at the expense of their own family and friends. Furthermore, they have been the backbone of our vaccine rollout program. Needless to say, we owe a huge debt to all nurses and healthcare workers.

Daily, they give their very best to take care of people they don't even know. It is said, NURSE, Is Just Another Word to Describe a Person Strong Enough to Tolerate Everything and Soft Enough to Understand Everyone. - Unknown.

Our nurses are the backbone of our health care system, delivering critical care to patients within our community and playing many roles in a patient's healthcare journey. Whether working at the St. Maarten Medical Center, providing mental health services, caring for vulnerable seniors at White and Yellow Cross, working at our baby clinic, or providing private long-term care homes, our nurses dedicate themselves to protecting our health and saving lives in a range of public health settings.

We know that there are challenges in the healthcare system that have made it difficult for our nurses. However, the Government of St. Maarten still recognizes your commitment and dedication to the service you provide. To all nurses, we recognize your continued effort to make a difference in the lives of the people of St. Maarten and our community. Therefore, the Government of St. Maarten commits to pursuing policies that ensure that healthcare workers are safe and healthy.

To our local community, please be reminded of the burden and responsibility that our nurses face, especially during this pandemic. Let's do our part to help keep our nurses safe by following the safety guidelines and ensuring that you get registered to get vaccinated. Show your gratitude to our nurses in this way.

On behalf of the Council of Ministers, I wish all nurses a Happy International Nurses Day and I thank nurses for their contribution to our society; we are grateful for your care and sacrifices. Thank you for taking care of us, and God bless you all.