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Remember Don’t Drink & Drive as we Ring in 2023

The Collective Prevention Services (CPS), a department within the Ministry of Public Health, Social Development and Labor, and the Department of Communication (DCOMM), are urging motorists not to “Drink and Drive,” during the change-over into the New Year 2023.

The emphasis is on keeping everyone driving on our roads safe this festive season.

CPS is calling on the community to check family and friends before they get behind the steering wheel of a car especially after they have had a few drinks.

Every driver can reduce tragedy on the country’s roads. The onus is on the one behind the wheel who has a responsibility when driving a vehicle.

Be responsible, select a designated driver if you plan to have a couple of drinks with family or friends.

For every Sint Maarten family and visitors to be able to enjoy themselves, and ring in 2023 in good spirits, those driving using the roads, are requested to look out for the other driver or pedestrians – walking on the road - by paying attention to the rules and ensure proper use of the vehicles and the roads.

Driving and drinking is not a good combination.

Friends do not let friends drive drunk. Let us all have a safe holiday season without having any road tragedies due to driving under the influence.

The following appeal is part of CPS’s annual Safe Holidays campaign in conjunction with DCOMM.