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St. Maarten Tourist Bureau reading at MAC School

On Friday September 27th, 2019 some of the staff of the St. Maarten Tourism bureau had the pleasure of reading to the community afterschool program at the Rev. John A. Gumbs campus in Betty’s Estate, as part of their “Leaders are readers” program.
The students of grades between K1 to 2nd grade got the opportunity to have a fun and interactive talk about tourism and the importance of tourism on our island before they were read too. 
“Reading to children out loud is important as this helps develop curiosity and encourage them to read, this also builds their motivation. Children get excited when they listen to stories being told to them with expressions and interactions. It enlarges their world as you take them to places and times they have not been. We have to continue as adults to dedicate time to our children, as they are our future.” –May-Ling Chun, director of Tourism Bureau.