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Traffic Alert: Heavy Rainfall/Flood Warning - Drive with Caution. Hazardous road conditions due to Heavy Rainfall

National Disaster Coordinator Clive Richardson, calls on residents, pedestrians and in particular motorists to monitor weather reports in connection with a “Heavy Rainfall/Flood Warning” that has been issued by the Meteorological Department of Sint Maarten (MDS) which is in effect until Wednesday, November 11 - 6.00 AM.

Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs, as chair of the Emergency Operations Center (EOC), advises motorists to drive with caution due to potential hazardous road conditions throughout the country caused by potential persistent rain showers up until Wednesday 6.00 AM. Certain areas have localised flooding, and motorists, pedestrians and residents must be observant to avoid these areas until water levels subside.

Motorists, pedestrians and residents are advised to be aware of street flooding during heavy rain showers; motorists driving along hillsides should drive with caution and beware of rock-falls and possible landslides.

Flood prone areas are: L.B. Scot Road - from Emilio Wilson Park until Cake House; Zagersgut - from Petro Plus Gas Station until Seventh Day Church; Wegelegen Road Cayhill - from Wegelegen road Roundabout until One Tete Loke Roundabout; Beacon Hill Road - from Sunset Bar & Grill until beginning of White Sands Road; Rhine Road - from the intersection of University Drive until intersection of Rio Grande.

The inclement weather is being caused by a tropical wave over the eastern Caribbean Sea which is producing disorganized showers and thunderstorms. The wave is moving westward away from Sint Maarten.