“In its basic form, a National Development Vision is a vision for development. A national development vision outlines the broader developmental goals that a nation envisages for its people. 

In St. Maartens’ case, a National Development Vision will articulate where St. Maarten sees itself as a country within the next 10 years. It is forward thinking and effects change through responsibility and accountability. It is an opportunity for St. Maarten and its people not only to determine its outcomes. The current draft is a synthesis of years of underlying documents-, research-, consultations- and dialogue. Nevertheless, in speaking of a National Development Vision, the words “we” and “us” are crucial. These words indicate a participative approach towards nation building, as a nation is considered the “som der delen”, the sum of all its parts. Therefore, partners to derive to a final National Development Vision are not just the usual suspects, not just stakeholders or the private sector, but moreover the populace, the average citizen. Thus, the next steps for this draft national Development Vision encompass vetting and validation. Further awareness and media will commence along with on the ground community outreach and polling. Workshops will also be organized, to which the final workshop will encompass a “high level retreat”, to present the outcomes of the vetting and validation process. 

The department of The Interior and Kingdom Relations, looks forward to your feedback and your input, as this vision will determine our future as a collective”.  Nationaldevelopment@sintmaartengov.org 
*disclaimer: this draft is the unedited version