1. The consular affairs department provides advice and assistance to St.Maarten Citizens  abroad, as well as gives guidance to overseas post and Consuls in the provision of assistance to St. Maarten Citizens
  2. Processes requests for the recognition and admittance of Consuls, Consuls Generals, Vice-consuls and honorary Consuls.​                                                                                                                                          ​​-  Prepares accreditation documentation for establishment of Consular Offices and Consul generals and Honorary consuls, including ID cards.
  3. .Liaises with Consular offices with regard to their citizens.
  4. Addresses consular complaints and appeals.
  5. Legalizes and verifies documents, as well as authenticates documents for use overseas in countries that do not fall under the Apostille treaty.
  6. Prepares documentation on Diplomatic clearance of foreign military aircrafts and naval vessels that wish to call/visit Sint Maarten.
  7. Coordinates visa requests together with Immigration and Border Patrol as per handbook on visa requirements, namely verification of the visa request required documentation. (St.Maarten Entry requirements documents) 
  8. Give consular information to visitors.
  9. Contacts/liaises with Dutch-Kingdom Embassies and regional back office for consular matters and visa requests.