Why is Sint Maarten joining international organizations?

As a new country within the Kingdom it is important for us to find a niche for ourselves within the Caribbean region. Moreover in an ever-changing global system, to survive and to stay relevant, Sint Maarten has to play a stronger role in the region, forging the necessary relationships to achieve our socio-economic goals. Our status as a small-island developing state implies an innate geographic and economic vulnerability, limited capacity, and disproportionate economies of scale. Multilateral organizations offer a network in which to craft symbiotic partnerships to best address these and other transnational issues through collective resources and best practices. In turn, Sint Maarten’s standpoint on key issues can be more easily incorporated into regional and international agendas. The Directorate of Foreign Relations takes the leading role in coordinating approaches between the ministries, assisting them in identifying organizations and programmes that best fit their objectives. In this manner synergy between all elements of government is created to most effectively take advantage of our membership.

Acronym Organization Membership SXM Associated Membership SXM Observer SXM
ACS Association of Caribbean States   YES  
CANTO Caribbean Association of National Telecommunication Organizations YES    
CARNEID Caribbean Network of Educational Innovation for Development   YES  
CCLEC Caribbean Customs Law Enforcement Agency     YES
CFATF Caribbean Financial Action Task Force YES    
COTA Caribbean Organization of Tax Administrators (Caricom Institution) YES    
CPU Caribbean Postal Union YES    
CTO Caribbean Tourism Organization YES    
CTU Caribbean Telecommunication Union (Caricom Institution) YES    
ICPO International Criminal Policy Organization (Interpol) YES    
OCTA EU Overseas Countries and Territories Association (European Union) YES    
PAHO Pan American Health Organization   YES  
PARLATINO Parlamento Latino-America YES    
SELA Sistema Economica Latino Americano     YES
UPEAP Union Postal de las Americas, Espana y Portugal YES    
UNESCO United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization   YES  
UPU Universal Postal Union YES