Material & Logics is responsible for materials, trucks, the building, goods, ordering. If mechanics have a problem “we take care of it”. Things you don’t think of like toilet paper, uniforms, clothing, shoes fire suits and so much more.
It is very detailed work. Currently the department is awaiting the order of their 3 new trucks, they are waiting for them to ship to St. Maarten.

Our team consists of Mr. Dollison, he is the Senior Medewerker and is in charge of the orders abroad and communications abroad, he keeps the connection and communication for new product as well. There are 2 Mechanics; Andy Adriana and Micheal Illes. Carl
Ellis is the ‘Bode’, he’s in charge of mail, quotations and purchase orders. Roberto Milton is the Assistant to Carl Ellis. Mr. Simmons is in charge of the B.A.(breathing apparatus) room. Mr. Simmons has 3-4 assistants at a time with him, to help with the continuous maintenance of the breathing ap- paratuses. This is a very detailed, and complicated task and they need to be re-certified for it every 2 years.

Every member of this team of 6 is extremely important to the safety of personnel.
“Whether its orders, fixing stuff, or a change in uniforms we try to stay synchronised with the Netherlands. The CAS (Curacao, Aruba, St. Maarten) islands have that standard con- cerning their respective Fire Departments.”
Material & Logics is also responsible for the materials for the trainings; tools, most importantly the rescue tools, the B.A. bottles, masks. Material & Logics is responsible for cleaning our own masks, we service our own tools and everything inside.”

This department requires a lot of commu- nication, good, efficient communication and planning.
Maintenance plans, for example; a garage, anything that goes wrong, they fix it. His team of 6 are the experts in their fields.