The Fire Department is responsible for the safety of citizens and visitors by preventing, minimizing and combating fire, accidents and disasters by means of an efficient and effective organization, through preventive and repressive fire fighting and preventive and repressive disaster management.

Through efficient and effective organization the Fire Department is responsible for the safety of the islands inhabitants and visitors in the event of a fire, disaster or accident.


  • The coordination of all matters as it relates to the central registration of documents, archives, sending out of mail and general control thereof.
  • Responsible for the delivery of services for the entire government during meetings and events and provide assistance for messengers and cleaners within the organization.
  • Responsible for the management of accommodation for government offices.
  • Support and advice within the island government organization with purchases.
  • The management of office furniture, office equipment, office items and government vehicles.

 The Fire Department advices the island goverment on safety on the following domains:

  • ​Planning permits
  • Hindrance permits
  • Operational license
  • Fire safety
  • Explosives and Fireworks
  • Requirements for hydrants and hydrant specification
  • Stand pipe information
  • Hose reel information

Before you can build an object you need to have approval from the VROM department. The Fire Deparment's advices VROM concerning Fire Safety. The technical specifications that the fire department uses for these advices van be found in the downloadable version of the "Technische brandpreventievoorschriften" (only available in the Dutch language). Applications for buildings need to be applied at VROM.

Before you are allowed to import explosives or fireworks, you need to have a " vergunning tot invoer". To transport explosives or fireworks you need to have a " transport vergunning". To store explosives or fireworks you need to have a permit.  ​​​