The Ministry of General Affairs is for large part the entity within the new government organization that follows up on the responsibilities of the former Directorate of Management Support Services. The ministry also assumes certain additional responsibilities in a central coordinating and facilitating role towards the rest of the organization. As such, the ministry falls under the responsibility of the Leader of Government. The Ministry falls under the responsibility of the Prime Minister of Sint Maarten.

The Ministry of General Affairs is managed by the Secretary General with a support staff and comprises the following policy departments:

In addition the Resources and Support Service also resorts within The Ministry of General Affairs, consisting of the departments :

Furthermore, the ministry comprises the following operational services/departments:

The following semi-government organizations of Sint Maarten also fall under the responsibility of the Prime Minister:

The Ministry of General Affairs also has the following agencies/departments that resort under its responsibility or respectively that of the Prime Minister:

The Prime Minister also has the responsibility for the relationship with various independent advisory or consultative entities for which the secretariat services will be provided (in first instance), namely:

The mission of the Ministry of General Affairs of the Country Sint Maarten is to care for, coordinate, advise on and support the process towards the general government policy. To care for the preparation, publication and management of the laws and regulations of the land, and responsibility for legal advising national security and disaster management, as well as the development integration and making operational the concerns with respect to foreign relations. Also, the care for an effective, efficient, trustworthy and client friendly service to the government organization, business sector, citizens and organizations that make up the community of Sint Maarten, as well as the care for external communication pertaining to government policy in general. The aforementioned will be carried out under the credo: “Strong, Compassionate and Decisive”.