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Personnel & Organization


Granting services and providing advice for the entire government apparatus, in a professional, transparent, efficiënt and effective manner.


Guiding and developing the government apparatus of the island territory Sint Maarten, through HRM and organizational development making use of professional, transparent, efficiënt and effective service and advice. 

The Department of Personnel & Organization is divided into two (2) sections:

The Section of Formation and Management has the following tasks:

  • ​Generating management information
  • Supporting and advising the official organization and management
  • Personnel planning
  • Formation management
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Personnel administration
  • Personnel care
  • Application of legal status regulations and labour conditions

The section Personnel – and Organizational policy has the following tasks:

  • ​​​Personnel policy
  • Organizational development
  • Legal status policy
  • Formation policy
  • Human Resource Development
  • Objection- and appeal procedure
  • Organized consultation