The Civil Registrars are responsible for recording all facts and events in the registers of birth, death, marriages and all supplements registers at the Civil Registry Department. They are also the keepers of the registers and archives.
What does this entail?
All events are recorded by the Civil Registrar in the registers of birth, death and marriage. This information is then used to provide statistics to various entities. Events are classified as any occurrences that have taken place in one’s life such as the following: birth, acknowledgement, marriage, divorce, death.
What are the conditions?
There are no conditions once a person has recorded their event in the registers of the Civil Registry.
This does not apply to those persons whose:
• Events were not recorded in the registers of birth, acknowledgement, marriage, divorce and death.
Which certificates / documents can I record and request?
You can record the following events:
  • Birth
  • Acknowledgement
  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Death
  • Name Change
  • Court rulings / decision
  • D 79 forms for marriages
  • Family tree
What is the cost?
All certificates from the registers cost naf 25.00 (rate for 2014). Family trees cost naf 80.00
How long does it takes?
These events are recorded immediately while in the presence of the Civil Registrar
How do I apply / What do I need to do?
You can apply at the back office at the Civil Registry Department:
  • Birth: The father is obligated by law to register a birth. In the event of his absence, any person who was present at the delivery. All parties must have a valid identification.
  • Death: A death can be registered by a person who has knowledge of the death or by a person who is authorized to do such. Valid identification’s required. Parties must present 2 sealed envelopes with the declaration and cause of death by the physician. The Funeral Homes on behalf of the family can also register the death with the relevant documents.
  • Marriages: the bride and groom with valid identification and all documents required for registering their intention to marry. For those who have enlisted the services of a wedding planner, the wedding planner can submit all documents for marriage on their behalf.
  • Divorce: One or both parties must have valid identification, the declaration of the court recorder and the final divorce decree.
  • Acknowledgement: All parties must have valid identification :
    0-11 years: acknowledger and mother must be present
    12 to 17 years: acknowledger, mother and child must be present
    18 years and older: acknowledger and the child must be present
  • Name change: All parties must have valid identification:
    0-15 years: Father and mother
    16-17 years: Father, mother and child
    18 years and older: child
  • Court rulings / decision: All parties must have valid identification and decision from the Court in First Instance in Sint Maarten
  • D 79 forms: All persons must have a valid identification when intending to marry in Sint Maarten, accompanied by all documents
  • Family trees: All parties must have valid identification and a letter requesting the family tree with detailed information on the family history
Openings hours:
Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 12:00 (walk- ins, no appointment necessary)
Monday to Friday from 1.30 to 03.00 pm (by appointments)
Wednesday afternoon closed.