Are you going to move within Sint Maarten? According to the basic administration regulation (article 13 lid 2)  you must report this at the Civil Registry of Sint Maarten within 5 days.
What does this entail?
If you are moving, you need to report this within 5 days. To do so, you will need proof of your new address. This could be a purchase deed, rental contract or a Landlord letter. We call this Proof of Occupancy (‘Bewijs van bewoning’). The Civil Registry Department CRD  will use this information to update your details accordingly in the Basic Administration of Sint Maarten (PIVA).
(Consequences if this is not done : according to article 31 of the basic administration regulation of Sint Maarten. Violation of the above mentioned law shall be punished with imprisonment of one month or a fine of two Thousand guilders.

The following persons are allowed to report a move:
  • Any person aged 16 or older, on their own behalf.
  • Cohabiting spouses/registered partners, on behalf of each other (provided that spouses and partners move from the old to the new address together).
  • The parent, guardian or carer, on behalf of minors.
  • The parents, on behalf of their adult children living at home (provided that the parents and the children living at home move from the old to the new address together).
  • Adult children, on behalf of their parent(s) living with them (provided that the adult child and parent(s) move from the old to the new address together).
  • A guardian, on behalf of a person who has been placed under guardianship.
  • An authorized person, with a letter of consent signed by you and a copy of your proof of identity.

What are the conditions?
  • You must be able to identify yourself
  • You must report your move within 5 days.
  • You must be able to show that you have a valid address in Sint Maarten. This could be proof with  a purchase deed, a rental contract , a Landlord letter (with copy of his ID Card) or a GEBE bill on your name..
What is needed?
  • In person: valid identity documents and proof of Occupancy (GEBE Bill, Landlord Letter,  purchase deed, a rental contract
  • In writing: a copy of your proof of identity, your proof of occupancy and a completed moving form or a letter signed by you.
The Civil Registry Department  will verify the authenticity of your identity documents.

What is the cost?
This service is provided free of charge.

How long does it take?
  • In person: while you wait.
  • In writing: 5 working days 
  • Would you rather report your move in writing? Then send this to: email 
  • Or to address: Soualiga road 6, Philipsburg Sint Maarten