Will you be leaving Sint Maarten (Dutch side)? You must report that you have moved within five days of your date of departure. The Civil Registry Department (CRD)  will then update your details accordingly.

What does this entail?
  • If during the course of a year, you will be residing abroad for longer than eight months, you are required to report this to the Civil Registry Department. This does not need to be a continuous period.
  • The move needs to be reported on the day of departure or a maximum of five days prior to the move. You will then be deregistered from your existing address. In your report, you are required to state your new residential address abroad. If you do not have a fixed address abroad, you are required to indicate where you will be staying (e.g. the address of a hotel, family member or friend).
  • report will be processed the same day  that you report you moved.
  • You will receive proof of deregistration free of charge.

Clearance certificate for household effects

When moving to or from a location abroad, customs may ask you to present an inward or outward clearance certificate for your household effects. For this certificate, you will need an extract from the The Civil Registry Department.. 

How does it work?
The following persons may report their departure:
  • Any person aged 16 or older, on their own behalf.
  • Cohabiting spouses/registered partners, on behalf of each other (provided that spouses and partners are moving abroad together).
  • The parent, guardian or caretaker can act on behalf of minors.
  • Parents, on behalf of their adult children living at home (provided that the parents and the children living at home are moving abroad together).
  • Adult children, on behalf of their parent(s) living with them (provided that the adult child and parent(s) are moving abroad together).
  • A guardian, on behalf of a person who has been placed under guardianship.
  • An authorized person, with a letter of consent signed by you and a copy of your proof of identity.

What are the conditions?
You must report your move abroad within five days of the date of departure. 
You must state a residential address abroad. 

What is needed?
  • In writing: a copy of your proof of identity and a signed letter in which you report your current and future address and the date of departure.
  • In person: valid identity document (a valid passport or an identity card)
The Civil Registry Department  will verify the authenticity of your identity documents.

How long does it take?
  • In writing: 1 week  (the date of receipt is date of departure).
  • In person: while you wait.
Would you like to know whether you have been deregistered? This can be checked at The Civil Registry Department .

What is the cost?
This service is provided free of charge.

How do I apply / What do I need to do?
  • In writing: You may submit a signed letter which contains your current address, future address, personal details for you and other family members, date of departure and a copy of the applicant's proof of identity. The official proof of your deregistration will be sent by mail to your Please send submit your written letter to: The Civil Registry Department, Soualiga Road 6, Sint Maarten 
  • You can also report that you have moved,  in person at the The Civil Registry Department   counter. Please ask for an extract proof of deregistration.