Do you already have a driving license and would like to add another category? If yes,  then you will need to buy an exam card  in order to do your practical exam. Once you have passed the exam you may  apply for a new driving license, which will  show the new category.
What does it entail?
An extra category on your driving license allows you  to operate motor vehicles such as a motorcycle, bus or truck.
What are the conditions?
Same requirements as a first time driving license:
  • You need to be registered at the Civil Registry department of Sint Maarten and if applicable in possession of a valid residence permit.
  • You need a medical declaration valid (2) months,
  • 1 federal FLS 10,- stamp purchased  at the Receivers office.
By purchasing an exam card you will receive an examination date for the practical driving exam.
Once  you have passed your examination at the Inspection department (T.E.A.T.T.) you will receive a certificate. This certificate must be presented to the Civil Registry department  in order to apply for a  Driver’s license with the additional category..
Your old driving license must be returned  in order to retrieve the new one.
And who is it for?
  • Persons who are in possession of a driving license for a vehicle such as a passenger car.
  • Persons who would like to add a category in order to drive a motorcycle, bus or a truck license.
To obtain a driving license, you need to meet one of the following requirements:
  • You are a Dutch registered citizen.
  • You have a foreign nationality and you are in possession of a valid residence permit and  you are registered at the Civil Registry Department .
What is  needed?
For booking examination:
  • Valid proof of identity
  • Driving License
  • Medical declaration valid (2) months, and 1 federal FLS 10,- stamp
  • Payment
 The Civil Registry department  will verify the authenticity of your proof of identity.
For Card Issuance:
  • Valid proof of identity
  • Old Driving License
  • The Certificate from the Inspection Department (T.E.A.T.T.) that you have passed your exam.
  • Recent Dutch Passport photo
    (Strict rules apply to passport photos. For example, the photo needs to be in color and has to be taken straight from the front).
What is the  cost?
Examination per category: FLS 400, - 0r $226.00
Card Issuance after passed exam: FLS 200, - or $113.00
Please note: These fees must be paid up front when submitting your application.
How long does it take?
10 working days.

How do I apply?

  • You may come to the department in person or make an appointment beforehand by calling  (+1721) 5422457 or sending an email to
  • You will need to collect your driving license in person from the Civil Registry Department. It is at the same location where you submitted your application.