An extract from the database of the Civil Registry Department contains the personal records of the Sint Maarten registered population.  The details of an individual may change, for example if a person moves to another address.  An extract from the Civil Registry can be requested to show that you have moved
What does this entail?
An extract from the Civil Registry department provides proof of your registration on this island. The document contains your personal details known by the Civil Registry Department. An example of this is your address or your marital status.
Institutions and official agencies can sometimes ask you to provide them with an extract, for example when enrolling in an educational program, or  if when applying  for welfare benefits.
What are the conditions?
You are registered at an address in the database of the population registry
This condition does not apply to those who are abroad and is in need of proof of deregistration.
  • Did you move abroad? Then you can request a proof of deregistration.  Despite being deregistered a person’s history is always recorded in the database and proof of such can be given. To receive such information it is important to indicate which information needs to be included in this document.
Which extracts can I request?
You may request a Regular (standard) extract or an extract containing supplementary information. Extracts with supplementary information will also contain the information found in a regular (standard) extract.
You may request the following extracts:
  • Regular Extract
  • Detailed Extract (includes supplementary information)
  • Proof of life / attestatie de Vita (person must be in present to retrieve this document)
  • Extract of Nationality
  • Extract plus previous addresses
  • Extract for housing allocation (proof of how many persons are living in your household or address)
  • Extract  including other languages (Dutch English Spanish German French)
What is the cost?
An extract cost naf 17.50 (rate for 2013)
How long does it takes?
This takes place immediately while  you are at the counter
How do I apply / What do I need to do?
You can apply:
  • At the counter of The Civil Registry Department  present a valid identity document.
    Are you requesting an extract on behalf of someone else? You will also need the person’s written authorization to do such. You will also need to bring along the person’s proof of identity (original or copy). Are you applying for an extract for your children and are they younger than 16 years? Then no written permission is required.
Openings hours:
Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday from 08:00 till 15:30
Wednesday from 08:00 till 12:30