You have passed your driving test. Congratulations! You may now apply for a driving license.

What does it entail?
A driving license is a proof that you may drive a motor vehicle or ride a motorcycle. It is also an identity document, so you can often use it to provide proof of your identity. A driving license is valid for up to 5 years.

How does it work?
Once you have passed your test at the Inspection department of the TEATT ministry you will receive a certificate. With this certificate your ID card, a passport picture you must apply for you Drivers License at the Civil Registry department.

What are the conditions?
You need to be registered at the Civil Registry  department of Sint Maarten (PIVA) and if applicable in possession of a valid residence permit .
Citizenship requirements
To obtain a driving license, you must  meet one of the following requirements:
  • You are a Dutch Registered citizen.
  • You have a foreign Nationality and you have a valid residence permit and are registered at the Civil Registry Department .

And who is it for?
Anyone who has passed the driving test.

What is needed?
  • The Certificate from the inspection department ( T.E.A.T.T.) certifying that you passed your test.
  • Valid proof of identity 
  • Passport photo (Strict rules apply to passport photos. For example, the photo needs to be in color and has to be taken straight from the front). 
  • Payment
The Civil Registry department  will verify the authenticity of your identity documents.

What is the cost?
Application for a driving license: naf 200.00 or $113.00
(Rates for 2013)
Please note: These fees must be paid up front when submitting your application.

How long does it take?
1 week

How do I apply?
  • You must present  in person to apply for your driving license. You may make an appointment beforehand by phone (+1721) 5422457,  at the Civil Registry Department or by email:
  • You will need to collect your driving license in person from the Civil Registry Department..