Celebrate the most beautiful day of your life in Sint Maarten.
What does it entail?
You can  arrange to have your marriage at the Civil Registry Department or any location on  Dutch Sint Maarten.
What are the conditions?
Anyone of adult age may get married (18 years and older). Persons between the age of 16-17 years will need consent from their parents/guardians.
In Sint Maarten you are married under community of goods. This means that you jointly own all your possessions with your husband or wife. Should you prefer to have specified marital conditions, then you  draw up a marriage contract (pre-nup), at a notary.
What is needed?
  • If you plan to get married, you first need to register this intention. This is called notice of intent to marry (huwelijksaangifte). You can read all about it under Notice of intent to marry.

What is the cost?

  • Marriage cost are specific to each situation Naf 315.00 to Naf725.00 or $182.75 TO $409.58
  • Marriage booklet:  Naf 45.00  for an imitation leather bound booklet:  Naf 50.00 for the suede bound booklet and  Naf 60.00 for the leather bound booklet.
How do I apply / What do I need to do?
You submit a request to get married through a notice of intent to marry (huwelijksaangifte). This can be done minimum  2 weeks before  or within a year of the intended date of the marriage.

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