All applicants must be registered in the basic administration of Sint Maarten.
-         Applicant must be present
-         Current Dutch passport including  all travel documents issued to applicant
-         Applicant must be present with legal guardian in possession of
-         Valid identification card issued on Dutch Sint Maarten or valid passport
-         A recent passport picture not older than six (6) months
-          Fee: NAFL 150,- ; cash or maestro payable at application
-          Processing time four (4) weeks, can be extended if necessary
-         Picture must meet the following criteria for Dutch passports
In color Light grey, pale blue• No merging of colors• Sufficient contrast between head and background• A true likeness• Undamaged• Head uncovered• Face entirely visible• Eyes entirely visible• Head facing forward• Neutral facial expression• Mouth closed• No shadow• Not a reproduction (copy).
-         In some instances, additional information may be requested from applicant in order to proceed with application.
-         This service may only be provided at the Philipsburg location