Are you planning to get married? Then you first need to notify the municipality. This is called a ‘notice of intent to marry’ (huwelijksaangifte).
Make an appointment
Make an appointment to check whether all of your documents are in order. This is needed to register your intent to marry. To make an appointment you can call tel. 1-721-5422457. For more information visit the Sint Maarten Toursim Bureau website
The first appointment is a preparatory talk during which all documents will be checked. You will not yet register your intent to marry during this first talk.
None Dutch nationals will have to go to the immigration department at the Ministry of Justice for an interview (D-79) prior to registering the intent to marry.
You must make an appointment at the Civil Registry Department to approve your documents and register your intent to marry.
What does this entail?
Notice of intent to marry indicates that you plan to get married. More information can be found under marriage.
What are the conditions?
  • Anyone can get married  in Sint Maarten.
  • If you  live in Sint Maarten? See 'Pilot project: intent to marry' at the bottom of this page to see if your situation qualifies.
  • Non-residents
  • You need to register your intent to marry at least 2 weeks before the intended date of the marriage . The marriage must take place within 1 year of this registration. Please note that if the one-year period has expired, a new request must be submitted.
What is needed?
  • Proof of identity of both parties.
  • The personal details and proof of identity (copy) of witnesses
  • If you were born in Sint Maarten and have always lived here, then your details are registered in the Basic Administration. You will not need to provide any official documents (like a birth certificate). The Civil  Registry will arrange this.
  • If one of you lives abroad, you will need a recently issued statement confirming your place of residency, nationality and marital status.
  • If one of the marriage partners is not a Dutch Citizen, then a statement is needed from the Immigration Department of the Ministry of Justice (IND), the D-79.  The Immigration Department of the Ministry of Justice  can use this recommendation to assess the marriage. The Civil Registrar will request this declaration during your visit to the Civil Registry. This does not apply to:
    - couples with Dutch Citizenship and  tourist marriages.
    - partners who are entitled to permanent residence.
If you are not a Dutch Citizen, if you were born abroad, if you have lived abroad or if you were previously married in a foreign country, then it is advisable to personally visit the Civil Registry Department. There you can find out which documents are needed and whether they meet the requirements. Please take note that obtaining the documents may take some time.
Are you a minor or are you under guardianship? Parental consent is required.
Foreign documents
Some foreign documents must be translated into Dutch or English by a certified translator. The Civil Registry Department will verify the authenticity of your original documents.
Documents from certain countries must be legalized  or provided with an apostille stamp. More information on the legalization is available on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
What is the cost?
The notice of intent to marry is provided free of charge.
How do I apply / What do I need to do?
All marriage arrangements must be done at the Civil Registry Department
  • Submit all the required documents to the Civil Registry Department. We recommend that you first make an appointment to discuss your marriage plans. To make an appointment you can call tel. 1-721-4522457 or email us at
  • The Civil Registrar will assess whether all documents. If necessary, you will have go to a the interview at the Immigration Department. Then you may make an appointment at the Civil Registry Department for a notice of intent to marry.
  • You will need minimum  2 and no more than 4 adult witnesses if the marriage will take place in the marriage hall at the Civil Registry Department and 6 witnesses if the marriage is away from the marriage hall.
  • You will need to submit copies of  proof of identity  of your witnesses to your appointment for the notice of intent to marry.