Valid identification card or passport
Only persons present at the birth can register the birth
Declaration from Medical Center
Are you married? If yes, you cannot do this process.
Are you unmarried? If yes, then you can do this process.
When did the birth occur?
Is this your first child?
Are there other children in this relationship?
Do you already have children that were acknowledge?
Are there minor children in the relationship?
Do you want to follow the process for the change of name?
What family name will you give your child?
What is your address?
If married proof of legalized marriage certificate (non- resident)
If divorced proof of legalized divorce certificate (non-resident)
If widowed proof of legalized death certificate (non-resident)
Copy of Acknowledgment certificate (pre-acknowledgment took place away from Sint Maarten).
Correct spelling of name(s) of child(ren) including commas, accents, ect. 
Fee: Acknowledgement NAFL 90.00 TO NAFL 250.00
Fee: NAFL 25.00 Birth certificate
Fee: NAFL 25.00 Apostille stamp if document will be used away from Sint Maarten)
Fee: NAFL 17.50  Registration form

In some instances additional information may be requested from the informant in order to proceed with the acknowledgement
All births must be registered within(5) five working days at the Civil Registry Department

Once all documents have been submitted, the Civil Registrar will begin the process for registration of birth and acknowledgement 

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