When someone has passed away, you need to report this to the Civil Registry Department.

What does it entail?
When someone has died, it has to be reported to the Civil Registry Department in Sint Maarten. This usually is done within 6 working days of the date of death. This is in line with the maximum period within which the deceased must be buried or cremated. When a death is reported, the Civil Registry Department issues a document giving permission for the funeral to take place. Under regulated law, a funeral must take place within 6 working days.
The death is usually registered by the funeral representative or agency although relatives may also register a death.
How does it work?
Was the deceased registered as a resident of Sint Maarten? The Civil Registry Department  will then update the person’s details in the Registry Office and in the Basic Administration
Special circumstances
The municipality will also issue a death certificate in these special circumstances:
  • when the individual is presumed dead (judicial declaration). If someone’s body has not been recovered but the death is certain, the court can declare this person legally deceased..
  • to update the registry in the absence of a certificate. For example, an individual died abroad without a death certificate being issued. In this case the court can declare the person dead without a death certificate. The same applies if you cannot obtain the death certificate later.
  • A stillborn child.
Who is it for?
Surviving relatives.
What is needed?
When registering a death, the ‘judicial declaration of death’ must be submitted. This is the official confirmation of death by a physician. The funeral agency may arrange this.

What is the cost?
A copy of the death certificate: Naf 25.00 or $14.12.
How long does it take?
The registration is processed while you wait.

How do I apply / What do I need to do?
The funeral agency or anyone may register the death in person at one of the Civil Registry Department.
What is a certificate of succession?
After a death, a notary issues a certificate of succession (verklaring van erfrecht) recording the names of the heirs. Once in possession of this certificate the heirs can have  access to the deceased bank accounts, insurances etc. 
The certificate contains information about:
  • who has died
  • when and where
  • who the family numbers were, parents information (if known)
  • heirs (if known)