TV Broadcasting 
  • Specials, Documentaries, Public Service Announcements (PSA’s)
  • 30 Minutes with Government (News Program)
  • Inside Government (Interview Program)
  • Live Council of Ministers Press Briefing
  • Live Special Events on Location (with External Production)
  • Live broadcast via SXM Cable TV and SXM GOV Radio station 107.9 FM
  • Government Website,
  • Data transfer to audio from video recording for radio news broadcast

Print Media
  • Press releases
  • Official photos / Events photos / Courtesy Visit photos - Pamphlets, brochures, Flyers
  • Civil Server E - Newsletter
  • Speeches (for Council of Ministers and  Department Heads upon request)
  • Government Info Page (External ad page in the daily newspapers)

Documentation / Archives
  • Newspaper Library / Online Subscription (Digital- The Daily Herald / Today request in)
  • Raw Video Footage Library
  • DCOMM Aired Programs Library
  • Digital Photo Library
  • Copies of programs and footage upon request by Media and the General public

Emergency Support Function (ESF 8)
  • Manage and operate Emergency Radio FM 107.9
  • Provide voice over and communication for district Emergency Alert System
  • Setup of communication activities (including Press Conferences, press releases and advice) for the EOC in times of disaster, emergencies and hurricanes with usual headquarters being the Claude Wathey Legislative Hall.