The primary tasks of DCOMM are:

  • The processing of the Government of Sint Maarten communications, news and feature information, and official communication data for public and internal-departmental dissemination- external and internal communication- through government and private owned print and broadcast media and channels.
  • The planning, advising on, and/or executing of public relations campaigns and informational activities for Government and at the request of one or more Government Departments.
  • The provision of “advice” upon the request of the Executive Branch of Government, to enhance the decision-making process, including but not exclusive to the Council of Ministers resolutions (besluit), particularly as such “advices” would be relevant and significant to internal and external information, communication and policy, proposals, plans, programs and projects.
  • The warehousing of Government informational data for dissemination, as such may be requested by Government, according to the DCOMM function, and as retrieved by DCOMM with the view that such may enhance the administration, communication, services, plans, policy, programs and projects of Government departments and authorities.
  • The researching of official documents for public consumption, editing, indexing, electronic media productions, publishing and generally packaging of the St. Maarten Governments civil rights legislation, and constitutional liberties, for public release.
  • Distribution/management of all Government’s inter-departmental and mass media advertisement and notices.