The Department of Communication (DCOMM) is a multimedia organization within the Ministry of General Affairs.
DCOMM aspires to continue being the main strategic partner within Government that ensures credible and quality information is communicated through the latest technologies to the Government, citizens, visitors and the International Community.

The mission of DCOMM is the provision of information offered in a professional manner, via the SXMGOV Network to the citizens, visitors and international community concerning policy, plans, programs and projects that are being executed by the Government of Sint Maarten
The Department of Communication is responsible for the processing of the Government of Sint Maarten communications for public and internal-departmental dissemination, through Government and privately owned media.

The execution of an optimal internal, external and international communication of government news, information and public relations. The development of communication plans to promote internal, external and international communication. To execute and coordinate all public relations concerns. The development of productions, editing and management of multi-media communication to promote an optimal internal and external communication via the SXMGOV Network.