Please be aware that the following legislation can only be found at the legislative database for the Kingdom  :

  • Charter for the Kingdom of the Netherlands;
  • treaties and agreements with other states and with international organizations;
  • Kingdom Acts and Orders in Council for the Kingdom;
  • Mutual arrangements as referred to  in Article 38(1) of the Charter for the Kingdom; and,
  • Mutual arrangements as referred to  in Article 38(2) of the Charter for the Kingdom.
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The necessary changes of the amendments to the Civil Code (AB 2014, no. 5 up to and including AB 2014 no. 15) have been processed in the database, except for the Faillissementsbesluit 1931, the Succesiebelastingverordening and the Landsverordening overgangsrecht nieuw Burgerlijk Wetboek. The changes for these ordinances will follow as soon as possible.
The different national ordinances changing the previous mentioned legislation can be found in the Official Publications via the following link:​