The Department of Legal Affairs and Legislation extends juridical support and advice to executive entities and the civil service corps in an objective, honest and professional manner, with consideration for the principles of good governance. In addition, the department gives legal guidance to government departments, and is responsible for the legislative program towards country status.

To provide through the principles of good governance objective, honest and professional judicial support and judicial advice to the government apparatus and civil service core.


  • ​To promote the improvement of the administrative process through general judicial advising.
  • To take charge of the judicial support of government and private agencies in legal matters.
  • Responsible for the support of government departments as it relates to the further development of the organization on island level, inter-island level, federal level and kingdom level.
  • To give direct consulate support of  management within the organization as it relates to petitions, appeals, legal procedures, contracts, guarantees, regulations, law and other judicial affairs.