Our Services are:
  • 1. Customer Care & Customer Information Desk (CC&CI)
    The Customer Care and Customer Information (CC&CI) service representatives are the initial point of contact and it is their duty to answer enquiries and provide information regarding all services provided at the PSC. Our CC&CI are the direct link between the departments and the customers who are looking for a particular service from one or more of the departments.


  • 2. Civil Registry
    All services are provided as in Philipsburg with the exception of the following:
    - Act of Marriages
    - Renewal of Passports
    - Registration of New Births
    - Family Trees
    Note: First Time Registrations can be done on Wednesdays by appointments only.

          Payment method;
          - Cash
          - Maestro

Note: When processing an ID or driver’s license at the PSC, kindly provide a Dutch passport size picture to complete application. 


  • The Receivers’ Office provides all the services as in Philipsburg with the exception of the following:
    - Payment releases

          Payment methods are the following:
          - Cash
          - Maestro
          - Business Checks


  • 4. Inspectorate of Taxes provide all the services of tax department in Philipsburg
    - Issuing of new Crib numbers
    - Tax declaration letters
    - Assist in filling out Income tax forms
    - Stamping of all tax forms


  • 5. Social Services
    - ​​All services are provided as those in Philipsburg.


  • 6. Labor Affairs
    - ​All services are provided as those in Philipsburg.
Please Note: The general public is hereby informed that the services offered by the Departments of Labour Affairs & Social Services at the Public Service Center in Simpson Bay, will be discontinued until further notice.
Citizens requiring the services of mentioned departments are urged to contact or visit their main offices located on the Pond fill.
We regret any inconvenience this temporary change may have caused.
The management of the Public Service Center.