The Department of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, Dutch acronym ‘BAK’ coordinates the Inter-Ministerial Working Group, hereinafter known as ‘IMWG’. The IMWG was established in May 2013 and is comprised of high-level sectoral officials assigned by their respective Ministries. There are two persons assigned per Ministry to administer and guide on development management for the island, with regards to fostering Nation St. Maarten. 
The IMWG will act as a nexus for collaboration among all sectors in terms of policy, programmes and development planning. It will do this by creating harmonization and synchronization of the public administration and other stakeholder groups, including civil society and the private sector, in order to create synergetic advancements in policy development and implementation, resource mobilization and monitoring. Additionally, with specific regard to development planning, the IMWG would supervise multi-sectoral initiatives among all areas and provide overall guidance for socio-economic, environmental and cultural developments on the island.
Furthermore, according to its vision and mission, the IMWG supports the effective and efficient practice of coordination and development cooperation efforts. Cost sharing possibilities and general knowledge management and information sharing are also envisaged to be constant activities of the working group. This would lay the foundation for better relations among the ministries and all other pertinent and supporting agencies.
Moreover, the IMWG aims to ensure that assessments and evaluations on the impacts of development programmes would be conducted and later utilized for effective policy and updating of regulations and implementation plans. Likewise, the IMWG hinges on guiding principles and strategic objectives that include a collective vision and shared objectives among all members. The group is founded on good governance structure, in order to promote transparency, accountability, procedural properness, appropriate conduct and participation.

This is seen clearly in its mandate to build and maintain trust and its ability to be a flexible tool where learning and growing is possible. Therefore, constant adaptions and coordination among management and operational capacities will continuously be assessed and adjusted. This will result in better organizing to integrate the voices of government into our National Development Plan and implementation strategies.