​The government organization consists of:

1.    The organizational ordinance (organisatieverordening) which lays down the main structure of the organization. In this case the division of the organization in 7 ministries and their main objectives. 

2.    Per ministry there is a resolution detailing the main tasks of each ministry and its subdivision in departments and services. It further detail’s the department’s and services’ tasks within the ministry.

3.    For each ministry the complete workforce is established and there are job descriptions for every position.

On December 16th the Island Council approved the draft resolutions for the 7 ministries for the future country St. Maarten. In the same meeting the council approved an amendment of the present organization ordinance of the Island Territory of St. Maarten. This amendment makes it possible to change the present organization into an exact copy of the future organization of the country St. Maarten. This way the organization can better prepare itself for country status. These changes went into effect as of March 1, 2010.
The main tasks of each ministry can be summarized as being responsible in its own domain for:
1.    Preparing policy and legislation.
2.    Coordinating the execution of policies.
3.    Inspecting proper execution of policies.
4.    Monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of policies.