Business Registration Form (Apply Here)

Do you have a special project or are you in need of extra staff between the period of July 9th through August 3rd, 2018?  
Are you looking for young and energetic persons to strengthen your team ? 
Are you willing to provide on the job training ?

If you answer yes to the all of the above questions, then a collaboration with the Department of Youth Affairs is THE answer to assist your company in providing you with the extra assistance at an reasonable price while affording  a valuable learning experience for our youth. 
The BOPP is  and remains unique to most work experience programs on the island because we provide students with:

  • Certified training prior to interviews and after selection of  student candidates
  • Weekly monitoring and evaluation of student’s progress by means of site visits and evaluation forms that should be filled in by the supervisor
  • Weekly assignments that should be completed by the student to enhance their knowledge on the organization, role of the organization in the economy and reflection on their own personal development during the training
  • A competitive stipend of Fls. 950.00 at the end of the program which aims to instill the principle of “working to earn” and ultimately strengthening their financial position 
  • Opportunity to network with businesses in the private sector

Your organization also stands to benefit from the BOPP as:
  • students can contribute their new and often times innovative ideas  to your company
  • it is an inexpensive option to get projects and/ or other work completed without the hassle of having to hire personnel    
  • it is an inexpensive means to become familiar with and recruit a student for a possible long term agreement based on their positive performance during the program
  • while your company is providing a training opportunity for a student,  it can be regarded as a means of giving back to the community and thus  fulfilling your Corporate Social Responsibility 
Contact Ms. Faye Arnell at the Department of Youth Affairs at telephone 54-22056 or send an email to  for more information.

Student Registration Form (Apply here)

Here are 7 reasons why YOU should join the BOPP:

1. Free  professional development Training : You will have the opportunity to receive a certified training from experts in the work field,  which will ultimately help you throughout your now developing career and bring you closer to getting that job!   During this training, you will be prepared  and given tips on various important  aspects before, during and after your interview sessions as well as a preparatory training on team building , work ethics etc.

2. Free on the Job Training:  once you have been selected by the company or department of your prospective traineeship, you will become eligible to complete four weeks of training in  a dynamic company or organization that is as closely matched as possible to your career ambition. 
Here you will learn to develop your personal skills as well as other competences that will be needed in the working world.  Above all, you will also get the opportunity to bring your innovative and fresh ideas to the department or company and thus making a change!!!!

3. Enhance your General Knowledge: During the BOPP, you will gain basic knowledge on topics that you will be assigned to research. These assignments will be fun while at the same time challenging you to become familiar with government structure, private sector markets and more.

4. Earn money while learning:  Once you have fully completed the BOPP Work Experience Program, you will be compensated with a stipend at the end of the training period.(Now who doesn’t want that!!!!)

5. Increase your self-confidence:  The BOPP experience promises to enhance your personal confidence after having followed either the professional development training or completing the full program. Conducting job searches, writing resumes, knowing how to conduct a proper interview and being versed in knowledge of organizations and their functioning, together will improve your confidence when seeking employment

6. Have fun and make new friends during your vacation: the BOPP allows students to  exchange their learning processes and experiences throughout the traineeship by  learning together while working on achieving the same goals. This experience undoubtedly fosters possible lifelong friendships.

7. Networking Opportunities :  Once you have completed your BOPP training, you will be sent on an interview at a private organization or government department.  You will get the chance to meet  a Human Resource Manager or supervisor in the respective company or department. This will be the first step of your exposure in the professional world ( Don’t take this opportunity lightly!!)

Application Requirements

• of Dutch Nationality  or in possession of a valid permanent or  temporary  resident permit; 
• 16 years or older;
• In pre-exam or exam class (of  a registered educational  institution on    St. Maarten only with proof of at least 5 years of uninterrupted enrollment on St. Maarten)
• Attending College or University not longer than 2 year and  provide proof of having followed at least 5 years of uninterrupted education on  St. Maarten at a registered educational institution.

When applying, students must submit:

• An application letter directed to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports Affairs to the attention of the Department of Youth Affairs 
• An updated resume 
• A copy of a valid registration form, passport or ID card issued by the civil registry of St. Maarten 
• Proof of School/University enrollment ( Student Letter indicating the school enrolled in and form for the school year 2015/2016
• Copy of  valid resident permit (if not in possession of Dutch Nationality)

*Note:  the Department of Youth Affairs reserves the right to request additional documents relevant to the application.

*The application letter must include personal information such as:
- Name and last name
- Date of Birth
- Address, telephone number and email address
- Career aspiration and any skills or work experience one may have or would like to acquire.

All  supporting documents should be submitted in hard copy no later than Friday, June 3rd, 2016 only at  the St. Maarten Youth Desk on Backstreet 49 (John Smith Building across from Penny’s Department Store).

Please contact the Department of Youth Affairs at telephone numbers 542 2056 / 542 3873 or via e-mail for any further information. 

The program is scheduled to be held from July 9th through August 3rd, 2018.