To your organization
Supporting a young, highly motivated student will benefit
your company in numerous ways:
1. you will be able to select a student who will have up to date knowledge and skills readily suited to your organization;
2. the student, still at a formative level, can be thoroughly grounded in your company and its established practices;
3. the infusion of bright, young people from an education environment, into an organization can provide refreshing new ideas and stimulating viewpoints;
4. students can serve as 'goodwill ambassadors' for your industry or business with other students and in the wider community;
5. the Program is an excellent source of temporary and potentially permanent employment, with no associated advertising or agency costs;
6. students, selected on the basis of their academic and personal skills, have the preparedness to undertake a hands-on role in your organization from the very beginning, thereby providing extra assistance, a fresh opinion and a newly trained business perspective;
7. a mutually important business-educational relationship is enhanced.
To students
Students are provided as much as possible with a unique opportunity to gain work experience and invaluable business contact within an area that is directly related to their field of study. Further benefits to participating students include:
1. an opportunity to apply recently acquired knowledge and skills to real-life situations;
2. first hand experience associated with assignments and tasks in a business setting;
3. orientation to the business environment, operations and procedures;
4. experience that will assist in transition from student to professional status;
5. the opportunity to implement and develop skills in a specific business sector;
6. the opportunity to refine communications skills with subordinates, peers, and superiors;
7. assisting with personal development in the areas of self-confidence, responsibility, greater understanding of career options, and a realistic appraisal of strengths and weaknesses relative to his/her career choice.