Your organization
To ensure that students gain a broad work experience employers will need to complete the pro-forma, giving an outline of the proposed work activities prior to commencement of the student.
The student's role is a matter for you to determine, however examples of suitable activities are:
1. a specific project spanning the full duration of the Program;
2. an arranged program which allows rotation across a number of departments;
3. assisting a particular individual or project activity.
You will be required to:
1. identify applicants most suited to your organization for interview;
2. conduct interviews;
3. provide a full four to six-week placement in your organization;
4. provide a suitable workstation and normal working conditions;
5. develop a work program consistent with the student's level of expertise/skill that allows scope for creativity and skill development;
6. assess the student's performance in accordance with your company's staff performance and appraisal guidelines; (assess the student’s performance in accordance with the evaluation form provided by the program)
7. written assessment/evaluation on the student's contribution at the end of the program.
8. pay the student a remuneration
9. be a financial partner in providing the training.
10. identify a contact person/supervisor in your workplace.
The student
Eligible students will be required to:
1. submit a detailed application (see separate form);
2. be pre-selected for interview with a panel of Coordinator on Government level and the prospective employer;
3. on completion of the placement, write a report for academic assessment by the coordinator on Government level
4. make sure all evaluation forms are submitted to the c\Coordinator
5. fill out and submit evaluation form after work period.
BOPP Coordinator
The coordinator responsibilities to all students within the Program will include:
1. training sessions;
2. student support;
3. administration of the program;
4. collection of employers’ written evaluation on students contribution & student's written report for academic assessment;
5. liaison with employers and students as to the progress of the Program.