The Business Outreach and Placement Program (BOPP) coordinated by the Department Social Cultural Development is dedicated to placing exam and pre-exam students of the secondary schools as well as students of the tertiary educational level in a four to six weeks summer job during the months of July & August. The purpose of this brochure is to introduce the BOPP to a wider audience of the Business Community of St. Maarten and to increase the yearly participation of the private sector in the Work Placement Program thereby offering new opportunities to both students and employers.
It is believed that by encouraging our students to engage with the local business community they will gain practical knowledge and skills that will allow them to function within todays' labor market demands. Whilst the Government already has a well developed relationship with the local business community, the relationship needs to be extended by the private sector businesses “buying into” this Government driven work placement program.
Success starts with experience
Bridging the gap
The BOPP enables highly-motivated students to gain invaluable work experience by spending four to six weeks working in government departments or local businesses during their summer vacation. The program provides a unique opportunity to 'bridge the gap' between the academic and business worlds. Both students and employers benefit from the competent and often times innovative perspective that a student can offer.
The Work Placement Program is available mainly to secondary school students who are either in the exam or pre-exam class and have reached the age of 16 years. The aim of the program is to enhance the total secondary education experience through practical experience. Additionally, University students studying abroad or at the University of St. Martin can also apply. Students will integrate theory and practice while undertaking real
work in paid placements for a predetermined period. The BOPP must be viewed as a quality experiential learning program and will contribute to students' learning and employers' productivity.
Program Format
The BOP Program has a unique format to assist students to make their experience the highlight of their career. The work placement is flexible to suit students’ and employers' needs, with an expected time commitment equivalent 4 or 6 weeks full-time employment.
The placement program is undertaken over the summer period.
The Process
Students apply by filling out an application form and writing an application letter. They attach a resume, copy of a photo ID and proof that they are attending school. There is a pre-selection process during which applicants are interviewed by participating businesses thereby ensuring that the final selection is done by the place of business.
A mutually beneficial investment
Your organization's support
The success of the Program depends on your support. With an investment of four to six weeks salary and the provision of a work placement position, you will be able to select a student with skills readily suited to your organization.
The students are trained in business ethics and skills prior to being placed.