Study finance recipient may request financing for summer school twice during their studies. The total amount of the request(s) may not exceed Naf.13.500,-.

The amount disbursed will be a combination of grant and loan in the ratio 2:3.
The following procedure must be followed:
  • Write a formal letter addressed to the Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport Affairs Hon. Patricia Lourens- Philip requesting permission to attend summer school.
  • The letter must be booked in at the department of General Affairs (DIV). Please submit a copy to the Division of Study Financing.
  • Submit a letter from the school indicating that summer school is mandatory for your studies.
  • Submit a quotation from the school for the cost of summer school.
  • The request must be submitted before April 15.
  • The  results of the summer school must be submitted by November 1st