Study Financing Program
Terms, Conditions and  General Information
Everything you need to know
1 Application Period
October 15, 2013 to January 15, 2014
2 Application Form
All applicants are required to fill in an application form. 
Download the Study Financing Application
3 Required Documents
  • Proof of Dutch Nationality from the Census Office or a copy of the Passport 
  • ​An Original Birth Certificate (If the applicant was born outside of the  former Netherlands Antilles, the original birth certificate must have the apostille stamp).
  • A detailed registration form from the Census office.
  • A valid health certificate
  • A tax assessment statement from the Inspectorate of Taxes  supporting parental income for 2012 
  • Most recent grades/report card, transcript or high school
  • Proof of application or admittance to educational institution
  • A copy of a career interest test 
  • 2 recent passport pictures
4 Who can qualify for study financing?
1. In possession of the Dutch nationality
2. Of Dutch nationality who have been residents of St.Maarten for at least 5 years prior to requesting study financing
3. In possession of a high school diploma
4. Between 18 - 26 years
5. With an annual parental income not greater than Nafls. 200.000,—
6. Who received study financing for a SBO or MBO study to pursue a continuing HBO/bachelor program
In some cases additional conditions may apply.
4.1 Exemptions from the conditions listed under point 4
Point 2: 
  • Persons of Dutch nationality who have been residents of St.Maarten for at least 2 years prior to requesting study financing, if :
- The applicant was born in the former Netherlands Antilles or
- At least one parent was born in the former Netherlands Antilles.
  • Persons of Dutch nationality attending secondary school outside of St.Maarten, if : 
- At least 1 parent or guardian has been a resident of St.Maarten for at least five years preceding the request for study financing 
Point 4: 
Persons younger than 18 years, who have completed high school and persons older than 26 years , to pursue a high priority study .
5 Conditions and criteria
Study financing can only be awarded once the following requirements are met:
  • The conditions listed under point 4
  • Available budget taking into account new applications and existing study financing recipients
  • No claim to financial aid from an alternate source
  • The study must be a priority area of study.
  • Academic performance must be convincing to ensure successful completion of the study (the best students will be given first preference)
- 6 or higher for the Dutch language to pursue a study in Holland or Curacao or Aruba
- 6 or higher for subjects relevant for the chosen study major
- GED: 480 or higher
- GPA: 2.5 or higher
- CXC: min. 6 passes at GEN LEVEL I,II or III
  • Educational Institution is the most appropriate/effectual
  • Admissibility to the educational institution
6 The Study Financing Program
6.1 What costs are covered by study financing? (Completely or in part)
  • Tuition fees, books and living expenses
  • Health and medical insurance
  • Travel expenses:
- One way ticket to place of study at the beginning of the study
- One way ticket to St.Maarten upon completion of the study
- A vacation ticket (max. Nafls. 1000,— ) after  2nd  year and the student must be in good academic standing.
- A roundtrip ticket to take up an internship on preferably St.Maarten. (conditions apply)
- A roundtrip ticket  in cases of death to immediate family members.
  • Cost related to summer classes (max. 2 times total cost Nafls. 13.500,--)
  • Cost for a mandatory study exchange program.
  • A 100% loan of maximum US$ 800,00 to purchase  a personal computer/ essential study materials.
  • Allocation cost Nafls 700,00 
  • Re-allocation costs max. Nafls 2000,00.
6.2 What amounts are awarded per country?
  • University of St.Martin : Nafls 13.500,-- 
  • ​Aruba/Curacao/Jamaica : Nafls 13.500,-- 
  • Holland : Euro 3.821  
  • USA/Canada/England : U.S.$ 15.000,-- 
  • Trinidad/Barbados : U.S.$ 7.500,-- 
  • St.Thomas/Puerto Rico : U.S.$ 14.000,-- 
  • Belgium : Euro 10.310,00,-- 
Please note that study financing may not necessarily cover all cost related to your studies.
6.3 What portion of the study financing is a grant and or a loan ?
Study financing can be awarded as a:
  • 100 % loan
- Older than 26 years,
- Parental income > Naf. 200.000  (Only upon request)
-To pursue a master study  (already in possession of a bachelor degree)
  • 80% loan and 20 % grant
- Parental income Naf. 200.000 - Naf. 80.000,-
  • 60 % loan and 40 % grant
- Parental income < Naf. 80.000
7 The decision making process
7.1 Study Financing Committee (SFC)
All study financing applications that meet the criteria stipulated in article 10 of the Study Financing Ordinance and supporting documents are sent to the Study Financing Committee (SFC) for advice.
The members of the SFC are: the Division Head Study Financing as chairperson and  6 members appointed by the minister. The core task of the SFC is to advise the minister regarding granting or denying requests of study financing requests.  

7.2 The Minister
The Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport Affairs  takes the final decision to grant or deny the study financing.
7.3  The Decisions
The Division Study Financing will inform the applicants of the Minister’s decision before June 30th annually.  
7.4 Appeals or Objections
If your request for study financing has been denied, you have the right to appeal this decision by:
  • Writing a letter within 6 weeks of being informed of the decision addressed to the Appeal Committee requesting a hearing and stating why the decision should be overturned 
  • The Appeal Committee, an independent body appointed by the minister will conduct an inquiry and make recommendations. The minister will make the final decision.
8 Important notes
8.1 Pursuing your studies in the Netherlands
  • Applicants must also apply for study financing from the Dutch government (DUO)
  • Prospective HBO and WO students must register for their study via the website  before May 1, 2014
  • Prospective HBO and WO students must register for a room via their school when possible
  • HBO and WO schools will be conducting study checks to determine your admissibility to the chosen study
  • Selection criteria will apply for the ​most popular studies like economics , business etc.
  • Six ministerial places (3 HBO, 3 WO) are available to St.Maarten students for lottery studies. Apply at Division Examinations.
  • Applicants must attend mandatory preparatory workshops.
8.2  Changes to your application
All changes to the study financing application must be done in writing before March 1, 2014.
8.3  Most recent grades/report card
Applicants who are still attending school must update file as soon as the second term results become available.
8.4 Missing required documents
Your application will not be processed without all required documents . Missing documents must be submitted before January 15, 2014.
8.5 Exclude parent (s) from request
One or both parents may be excluded from the study financing request due to serious conflict, irreconcilable differences, no contact for more than 5 years or no structural financial support.
The applicant must submit a declaration from the Court of Guardianship, school, guidance counselor, social worker or psychologist supporting their case.

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